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    Free Printing



      Students already pay enough money in tuition fees, accommodation, textbooks and other expenses. The Students' Union should work with the University to explore ways in which free printing can be provided for students!

    Union Development Officer
    3:59pm on 19 Sep 17 What a great idea!
    Bert Billard
    11:52am on 22 Sep 17 I'm all for free printing, but in my experience, things that are made free usually very quickly become abused. And paper may be recycled and everything, but if people can print willy nilly, the whole point of "recycling" becomes pointless. The cost of printing isn't unreasonable, and the cost of printing helps to buy in new stocks of paper and toner. It also instills a "print what you need, not what you want" mentality, which is great in developing a sense of responsibility in the community. An alternative could be to have larger documents being made free and paying for small ones, or inversely small documents of a page or two be free whereas large one need paying for.
    Audrey Martin
    1:44pm on 22 Sep 17 I agree with the above comment and would also like to suggest a printing budget for each student per year to perhaps tackle any possible abuse of printing facilities.
    Sarah Fry
    4:13pm on 22 Sep 17 if we could have a monthly page limit that we could get free that could possible be useful and once you are over that limit you have to start paying. This could possibly stop people from abusing it
    Sol Gibson
    3:51pm on 26 Sep 17 I have a policy proposal on printing credits based on modules that I put forward in the UDD by-elections. I think it's an essential idea to put to the uni, maybe the SU could try the scheme for societies? - Happy to redraft my original idea


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