Freshers’ and Refreshers’ are the two biggest weeks in the KeeleSU calendar

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With a footfall of thousands..

Freshers’ and Refreshers’ are the two biggest weeks in the KeeleSU calendar



Freshers’ Fair 2019   |   Monday 30th September

Twice a year, in September and January, we welcome a new intake of students and showcase the wide range of products and services available to them during their time at Keele. With a footfall in excess of 4,000, Fairs are an absolute ‘must’ when it comes to selling to students. Plus, with the added endorsement of a listing in the email we send out to our 10,000 strong mail base in advance of the event, our Fairs offer excellent value for money.

Freshers' Goodie Bags

Quantity: 2,500

Considered the jewel in the Keele Freshers’ crown by our students, our Goodie Bags are a brilliant way of reaching new students and offer you a fantastic avenue to assist in reinforcing your brand with either an insert or promotional item, with all 2,500 being hand distributed at the Freshers’ Fair.

Returners’ Mailing

Quantity: 3,500

By placing an insert into our Returners’ mailing you get the opportunity to communicate with 3,500 continuing students before they return to University for the new term, these highly successful mailings offer an additional bonus in that the rest of the family read them as well; most importantly parental decision-makers and influencers.

Freshers’ Mini Site


This fun, yet informative, mini site is built to showcase our students all the vital pieces of information they will need in preparation for their arrival at Keele: from Elected Officers to food and drink, events and Fairs to advice and jobs. Sponsorship on our mini site is a fabulous avenue for launching your business presence here at KeeleSU.

Freshers’ Email

Quantity: 10,000

Don’t miss the unique opportunity to promote your business in the first email of term our new students will receive from their SU. Sent to all 10,000 students on campus, this email is always packed with exciting news, fabulous offers and lots of local information. Definitely not one to be missed!