Ways to be seen on campus.

On-site Promotion

Be Seen on Campus!



Posters present an ideal eye-level media option for high profile campaigns. This tried and tested, effective advertising method will provide you with 10 spaces throughout the Union washrooms, guaranteeing you valuable visibility over the course of the academic year. 



Sub TV Screens

Situated in all public spaces of the SU, our SubTV screens offer digital promotion at its best. With the ability to update your ad up to 5 times over the course of an academic year, you’re sure to capture the student audience through this cost-effective medium.



Leaflet Distributions

Let our student Promotions Team act as trusted ‘opinion leaders’ on your behalf. Leaflets delivered by student, to students on campus, both spark discussion and convert prospects to sales.



Union Stall

The high footfall Foyer or the Students’ Union is an unrivalled market pitch – sell direct to students throughout term-time and build up a loyal client base. Plus, prices are inclusive of a pre-pitch endorsement in the Union:Update e-newsletter.