Staff Contact List


Welcome to KeeleSU’s departments, many of which you may not have come across in your day-to-day life at KeeleSU. Here’s a quick introduction – let’s see what we can do for you!


Elected Officers

Union Development & Democracy Officer
Tom Snape
 01782 733701
Education Officer
Elliot Lancaster
 01782 733703
Welfare & Internationalisation Officer
Ele Fisher
 01782 733702
Activities & Community Officer
Sam Gibbons
 01782 733704
Athletic Union & Sport Officer
Amy Holden
 01782 733705


Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer
Daryl Ormerod
Head of Membership Services 
Fay Harris
Head of Social Enterprises
Sue Booth
Head of Finance & Resources 
David Brown
Leadership and HR Support Assistant
Sally Bateman




Advice & Support at Keele
 01782 734800
ASK Manager
Matt Steele
ASK Advisor
Charlotte Jones
ASK Advisor
Vicky Jackson
ASK Advisor
Debby Taylor-Woods
Office Co-ordinator
Kerry Whitfield
 01782 734800






Operations Manager
Shakira Shewring
Deputy Operations Manager
Carl Sims
Retail Team Leader
Paula Howel
01782 733710
Retail Team Leader
Angie Price
01782 733710
01782 734813
Coffee House
01782 733714
Union Shop
01782 733710


Communications & Marketing


Marketing Manager
Elissa Cosway
Communications & Engagement Coordinator   (Media Sales) 
Shreya Adhikari
01782 733716
Graphic Designer
Annie Miles
Web Developer
Information Assistant
Julie Powell
01782 733700
Information Assistant
Liam Searle
01782 733700



Facilities Manager
Assistant Facilities Manager
Facilities Assistant
Toto Cirino




Finance Manager
Lisa Fallon
Finance Assistant (Cash Office) 
Fiona Durrant
Finance Assistant (Commercial & Treasury)
Rachelle Rooney
Finance Assistant (Payroll & Sales Ledger)
Jane Beech    



 01782 733717

IT Coordinator
Matt Clutton


Print & Copy Shop

01782 733713

Print Shop Manager
Jose Damiao
Graphic Designer/Print Assistant
Claire Eagles
Print Room Assistant/Graphic Designer
Ryan Heath
Printroom Assistant
John Hough


Student Opportunities




Student Opportunities Manager
Activities Coordinator
 01782 733821
Activities Coordinator Tom Langley  
Activities Coordinator
Maria Eracleous
 01782 733638
Volunteering Coordinator
Megan Hayman Tansley
01782 73389
Volunteering Coordinator Olena Cresswell 01782 733282


Student Voice  

Student Voice Manager

Emma Hedges



Student Voice Coordinator

Rachel Hadley

Student Voice Intern Liam Searle    


Venue Manager
Mark Askew
Deputy Venue Manager
Greg Poole
Deputy Venue Manager
Entertainments Host
Aaron Godfrey
Paul Bailey
Blueprint Bar
01782 739261
K2 Bar
    01782 739264
The Scruffy Squirrel Bar
01782 739260


Ticket Issues and Enquiries

 01782 733718


* To contact Societies & sports Clubs please visit the relevant Society / Club pages located here