Information on recycling




What can you recycle at Keele SU? 




Any old glasses you need to get rid of can be given in to the Premises office (top floor of the Students' Union) or at Reception (on the ground floor) during office hours Monday-Friday.
These are given to Vision Aid Overseas charity to help those in developing countries who lives are impaired by poor eyesight.


You can place you alkaline, nickel, cadmium, nick metal hydride, lithium ion and zinc carbon small batteries in the recycling tubes located in the Union Shop and on the top floor areas of the Union building. 


Mobile Phones

You can dispose of your old mobile phones in the Premises office or at Reception and we will send your old mobile away to be recycled. The National Blind Children’s Society receives funding for every mobile collected which is used to support a child with a visual impairment.


Plastics, Card & Aluminium Cans

Empty cans, used card and plastic bottles (including milk bottles) can be placed into the recycling bins located throughout the social areas on the ground floor of the Union.

CDs, DVDs & Books

Unwanted CD’s and DVD’s can be placed into the local charity gift container in the Premises office or left at reception. Books can be placed in the Betterwold book bins on the ground floor of the Union. 

Printer Cartridges

Any old printer cartridges can be left at the Premises Office or Reception and we will send them to be recycled. The company who recycle them then donate money from the process to charity.



  Keele's on campus recycling pdf