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Policies and Governance

The Union is governed and strategically led by its Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for ensuring the effective day-to-day management of the Union, setting long-term goals, setting operational policies and managing risks. The Board has ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the organisation, ensuring that it is well-run and delivering its charitable objectives.

Trustees are appointed according to the rules laid out in the Union’s Constitution, with students directly electing the 5 Sabbatical Trustees via the annual elections in February / March every year. 


Governing Documents

KeeleSU Constitution By-Laws


Other Policies & Documents

Strategic Plan  Venue Regulations  Disciplinary Policy  Environmental Policy  Search & Entry Policy  Equality Policy  

For University and campus wide policies and documents please see the Keele University website


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Keele University Students' Union, Keele University, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire
KeeleSU is a registered charity no.1137380
The surplus income generated by the money you spend at KeeleSU helps to fund the services that KeeleSU provides to Keele University Students.

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