A report that recognises the co-curricular activities students take part in at University

Your University experience is much more than a degree, so tailor it and make the most of every opportunity! But most importantly, when you do these great things, should and make sure people know about them! Put them on your CV and, if applicable, make sure they go onto your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).


What is the HEAR?

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) has been created to recognise the co-curricular activities students take part in at University and provide a factual account of them in the form of an online transcript.
Co-curricular activities that fall into this section are known as ‘HEAR recordable’ and are recorded into section ‘6.1’. If you do not want to be involved in HEAR, you can opt out. If you have any questions on the HEAR, check out the university pages, visit the KeeleSU Activities team on the top floor of the Students’ Union or email su.activities@keele.ac.uk. We’ll be only too happy to help!


#HEARoes - What's your origin story?


About the HEAR:



HEAR Sections:

  • Section 1: Personal Information
  • Section 2: Qualification Information
  • Section 3: Qualification Level
  • Section 4: Module Breakdown (this splits into Mode of Study, Programme requirements, Mark and Module Breakdown, Keele Grading Scheme, Overall Classification.)
  • Section 5: Personal Status (If applicable)
  • Section 6: Additional Information (this includes 6.1 and the co-curricular activities outlined at Keele.ac.uk/HEAR and Further Information).
  • Section 7: Certification of the HEAR
  • Section 8: Information about the HEAR

What Activities can go on my HEAR Section 6.1?


Recorded by KeeleSU Activities

- Elected Position as a Students' Union Officer
- Elected Position in a Student Society Committee
- Elected Position as a Student Voice Representative
- Appointed as a Lead Student Voice Representative
- KeeleSU Volunteer Awards
- KeeleSU Awards
- Elected Member of the Athletics Union (AU) Committee
- AU Colours
- AU Cups and Shields
- Elected Position in an AU Club
- Coaching/Referees
- Elite Athlete Programme
- Student Employee of the Year

Recorded by Keele University

Recruitment, Outreach and Access:
- Student Ambassador (under certain criteria)
- Student Leader
- E-Mentor

Student Support and Development Services:
- Residence Support Assistant
- Keele Peer Mentor
- Halls Representatives

Please be aware, that at the current moment in time, the HEAR is only available for Undergraduates and is not available for Undergraduate Medical Students.

For more information on any of these, head over to the Keele University web page or contact su.activities@keele.ac.uk with any queries or questions about your HEAR.


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