Find out about the types of elections

Club and Society Elections

Find out about the types of elections

Just like the wider Students' Union, clubs and societies run democratically. There are two types of elections in accordance with the Union's constitution, both of which are run online by the Activities Team to ensure they are fair and accessible for all those who wish to take part. Elections are mandatory for student groups who wish to be affiliated with the Students' Union.


Bulk Elections

The first type of election is the bulk election that all student groups are involved with. This is to elect a committee for the new academic year and allow for an overlap period with the new and old committee for training and handovers. Newly elected committees take over on July 1st.

These elections happen towards the end of the academic year (around March/April) and all clubs and societies are automatically entered. The purpose is to replace all committee positions and elect a brand new committee for the upcoming academic year. The dates for this year's election (2021/22) are as follows:

Nominations Open – Wednesday 7th April, 9am (GMT)

Nominations Close – Wednesday 28th April, 9am (GMT)

Voting Opens – Monday 3rd May, 9am (GMT)

Voting Closes – Friday 7th May, 5pm (GMT)

Results – W/C 10th May

The only thing we require from groups in the run up to the election is an updated committee list for the new academic year. You can do this by filling out this form for us. Please do this before 9am on Monday 15th of March; any groups that don’t meet the deadline or choose not to complete the form will have the positions that make up their existing committee automatically put up for election, and we will be unable to make any changes.

Want to know more about this year's bulk election? Download the Annual Committee Elections Handbook 2021-22!

We also have a Committee Elections Candidate Handbook which you can distribute to your members to help and encourage them to run in your elections.



The other type of election for clubs and societies is a by-election. If a student group wants to make changes to their committee, including adding new positions or replacing someone if a student has resigned from their role, then the existing committee is required to run a by-election.

If you wish to trigger a by-election for your society, simply fill in the form below and email it back to the Activities Team at Please make sure you follow the instructions on the form carefully, and leave a gap of at least a week between the date you send the email and the start date for your nominations, so that Activities have chance to set it up and you have a chance to advertise it.

Once voting has finished, please email Activities to collect your results.

Please note: All by elections for the 2020/21 committee must be complete before Sunday 31st March. 

For 2021/22 committees, we are running a by-election to fill empty committee positions on request as soon as results from the Annual Committee Election are released in May. By-elections for other all other positions can be set up on request after Welcome Week, the specific date of which we are yet to confirm., This will give new students a chance to get involved!

By-Election Dates:

Nominations Open: 9am, Monday 17th May 2021

Nominations Close & Manifesto Deadline: 9am, Tuesday 1st June 2021

Voting Opens: 9am, Thursday 3rd June 2021

Voting Closes: 9am, Tuesday 8th June 2021

Results: TBC


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