Club and Society Elections

Find out about the types of elections

Just like the wider Students' Union, clubs and societies run democratically. There are two types of elections in accordance with the Union's constitution, both of which are run by the Activities Team. Elections are mandatory for student groups who wish to be affiliated with the Students' Union.


Bulk Elections

The first type of election is the bulk election that all student groups are involved with. These elections happen towards the end of the academic year (around March/April) and all clubs and societies are automatically entered. The purpose is to replace all committee positions and elect a brand new committee for the upcoming academic year. 


The other type of election that the Activities team runs are by-elections. If any student group wants to make changes to their committee, including adding new positions or replacing someone if a student has resigned from their role, then the existing committee is required to run a by-election.

If you wish to run a by-election for your society, simply fill in the form below and email it back to the Activities Team at Please make sure you follow the instructions on the form carefully, and leave a gap of a few days between the date you send the email and the start date for your nominations.

Once voting has finished, email in and the Activities Team will announce the results of your election.


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