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Information and help on running events

Find out all you need to know about running events including Bake Sales, Club Nights, Performances and more. All these events can be included in our 'Give it a Go' events program and you can get in touch with Activities for any help and support you need!

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Evening/ Large Events

If you would like to run an evening event such as a Ball, Social or a large event  you will need to contact the following Departments:

Keele SU Entertainments:

Keele Hall:

How to Plan EPIC Events

Whether it’s a DJ competition, performance, quiz or lecture, there are usually only three things you’ll need to execute a really great event; you’ll need to Plan, Execute and Evaluate.That’s right, you need to PEE.

When you have your first ideas for an event, a really good starting point is to think about similar events you’ve been to that you thought were excellent. Whether it was a gig, a quiz, debate, fundraiser or networking event, think about why you enjoyed it and what made it great. Was there anything that would have made it even better? Some people call it the Students Union we call it 'Sharing Best Practice'.

P | Planning Your Event

A well-run event will always have the below (as long as they’re required):

  • A plan, schedule or time-scale
  • A team with the right skills
  • Technical or logistical support
  • A realistic budget (with 5% “just in case” built-in)
  • Some form of promotion
  • Attendees!
  • A “Who Else Needs to Know List”

Questions to answer whilst planning...

  1. Have you let Activities know what you’re up to?
  2. What do you want to achieve by running the event?
  3. Who will take responsibility for which jobs?
  4. How are people going to find out about your event?
  5. Have you thought about Health and Safety?
  6. Is your plan SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actioned, Realistic, Time-Bound)?
  7. Is your event sustainable? Download the NUS Sustainable Event Checklist HERE

E | Executing Your Event

Before the big day of your event arrives, make sure you don’t commit to, or do, anything until you have any commitments (for support, equipment, tech etc) confirmed in writing. Avoid scenarios such as “John’s mate Claire has a PA, and she says she’ll just lend us that” because you could look pretty silly when Claire turns up with an old iPod dock and some desktop speakers.

Questions to answer whilst running your event:

  1. Does everyone involved know what the plan is?
  2. Who’s going to do what?
  3. How will everyone talk to each other as the event progresses?
  4. What if something unexpected happens?

E | Evaluating Your Event

So, you made a great plan and executed the event as a success. But how many people came? Did they enjoy it as much as you did? How much did you raise for that charity? What was their favourite element? Is there anything you could improve for next time?

Ask yourself if you want and need this information, and then think about how you might go about getting it. Using the KeeleSU website, you have loads of functions freely available to you to track and capture data from people who might attend your event. Ticketing (even for free events), polls, surveys, mailing lists and more.

For really big events our friends over in the University Conference & Events teams have put together a presentation that might be helpful!

 Bake Sales

Throughout the year, Societies and Sports Clubs love to run bake sales to raise funds for. They're really simple ways to raise money and all you need to do is:

  • Email Security ( to borrow a table for outside use
  • If you want to be inside the Union, click here and select 'Reception Area'
  • Let us (Activities) know so we can share it on our social media channels (and buy a cake!)
  • Make your delicious* cakes.  

You also need to follow the University Guidelines on Food Preparation. If you’re thinking of running an event where you prepare food more than once a month, then you’ll need to get a Food Hygiene Certificate.

*Totally made up but probably correct research suggests that people are more like to buy delicious cakes than those that taste like feet. 

Want to raise money for something a little more dynamic than a Bake Sale? Read on for more support with bigger events or get in touch with how you can support RAG Events, or our KeeleSU Movember Campaign 

How KeeleSU can help!

If you’ve not run an event before, the Activities Team are here to assist you through the process. We can guide you through the above and give you tips and fresh ideas from our experience of running successful events for students, plus get you access to on-campus TV screens and other promotional tools.

Social Media presence can make a huge difference to the success of an event, so please let us know what you’re up to so we can share your event via our Facebook page, Twitter and the KeeleSU Instagram accounts to help promote your hard work.

Email to let us know your ideas as a starting point, or head here [] to see contact information for other departments. Room and vehicle hire, security, ticketing, website services, marketing and promotion, entertainment and even catering are some of the services we can help you with to shape your event from great to amazing - as long as we know you’re going to be running one!