General Data Protection Regulation


General Data Protection Regulation

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In accordance with new data protection laws from 25th May 2018 onward, Clubs and Societies should only be using their society and club email accounts.

Committees will need to delete any gmail, yahoo, outlook or another account you are using to contact your members.  

Going forward, Committees MUST only be using your club/society email to contact members . You can make specific groups within your memberships to email specific members of the society/club if you want to. 

*All  emails in current club/society accounts will be deleted in  July 2018 so any important information should be moved and stored in the Resources area of your club/society webpage.

**If clubs/societies don't use their allocated account to contact their members, they wont be able to access their bank account in the SU**

*The SU will be doing random checks throughout the year to make sure official accounts are being used. 

*Also,  any emails coming into the Activities Team after 25th May 2018 from non- club/society accounts cannot be responded to- so please do make sure you contact us only through official means 

If you would like to know more about GDPR there is a good introduction HERE



Can Societies still send room booking requests from their university emails? 

Yes, you can still do room bookings from your university account

When is states that all email accounts will be deleted what does this mean? 

The emails in the account will be deleted, not the account itself. Societies will still have their soc. account just that the emails inside that account will be deleted- as there could be sensitive or confidential information in there. We are advising all societies and clubs to go through your emails and save anything that you might need and store it in your resources section on the website. 

Can we send emails to activities through our University accounts?

Yes, you can contact them with your Keele account, it's just we need to be able to verify who you are. If it is society business, it's best practice to use your society account.

We have a different committee role for booking rooms for rehearsals/practice who doesn’t have access to the official account.  Will this be affected? 

As above, room bookings are fine to be done through University accounts. 

If you have any queries you can contact the Activities team at