All about the rule book that governs how your society runs

Society Constitution

All about the rule book that governs how your society runs

As a society, you are required to have a constitution. This is basically a rule book for your society that governs how your society runs. It sets out role descriptions for each of the committee positions and how different processes work. 

You can find a template and guidance of how to write one below!

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BOLD: Must be copied word for word.

Italic: Guidance of what information to put here. 

*You can adapt the areas of the constitution that are in Italic to fit your society practices and members.


This society shall be known as __________ an hereinafter referred to as __________ (abbreviated society name).


Aims & Objectives

  • All societies must outline at least 1 key aim in their constitution. This is where you would list them.
  • All societies must work to outline key objectives each academic year. These can be changed at any point. This is where you would list them.



  • A membership fee will be determined at the start of every year by the committee which all members will have to pay to join the society.
  • Full membership is available to any member of Keele University Students’ Union (KeeleSU) on payment of the membership fee.
  • Full members are entitled to join and participate in any activity organised by the society, attend and address any general meeting of the society, attend any Committee meeting and at the discretion of the committee be granted speaking rights.
  • Non-members of KeeleSU may join the society at the discretion of the committee but the percentage of non-members as part of the society may not exceed one third of the committee/full membership.
  • If the society wishes to restrict membership it must submit the request to the Activities & Community Officer and with good grounds.
  • All full and associate members of the society are subject to the KeeleSU Members Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Policy.


The Committee

  • All society committees must consist of the following members:
    • The President
    • The Treasurer
    • The Secretary
  • Any other committee positions you want to add you would put here. The role descriptions would be listed in the next section.
  • It's recommended you put how often you want the committee to meet here. Usually, we recommend meeting in person about every 2 weeks. Something along the lines of

    "The committee will hold fortnightly meetings to discuss how to take the society forward and put on activities for its members."
  • The quorum for a committee meeting is exactly or more than half of all voting members. 


Committee Roles

The President/Chair

This is where you would write a role description for the President/Chair. We would recommend these duties & responsibilities:

  • The President will be the principal spokesperson and representative of the society.
  • The President or their nominee shall chair committee meetings.
  • The President shall attend all Student Union general meetings in the interests of the society.
  • They shall have overall responsibility for the development and growth of the society.
  • They shall be responsible for performing the duties of any unelected officers in their absence.

The Secretary

This is where you would write a role description for the Secretary. We would recommend these duties & responsibilities:

  • The Secretary shall be responsible for taking minutes at all society meetings unless delegated to someone else.
  • They shall be responsible for maintaining the membership and mailing lists of the society.
  • They shall be responsible for any external communications to the society and responding after consulting with committee.
  • They shall be responsible for any weekly communications to the membership list.

The Treasurer

This is where you would write a role description for the Secretary. We would recommend these duties & responsibilities:

  • The Treasurer shall be ultimately responsible for the society account and shall ensure that society funds are spent prudently and within the society’s means.
  • They shall be responsible for paying in any membership fees and claiming back society expenditures.
  • They shall be responsible for keeping financial records and producing a financial report to the society Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • They shall be responsible for writing and submitting any grant application the society needs to make.


Committee Expectations

It's important as a committee you agree on expectations of one another and write them down. These are the recommended requirements:

  • All Committee Members will be responsible for the upkeep, good reputation and perpetuation of the society.
  • All Committee Members are responsible for continuously striving to provide the best provisions for society members possible.
  • All Committee Members are required to attend committee meetings and must send apologies if unable to attend.
  • A Committee Member is deemed to have resigned immediately following a motion of ‘No Confidence’ being carried by a two thirds majority at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Emergency General Meeting (EGM).
  • All Committee Members shall provide a handover to their successors.


General Meetings

All student groups are required to call and hold an annual meeting of the full membership, these are typically called Annual General Meetings. These need to include an update of what the committee have been working on, an overview of the past year and a presentation of the financial status of your group. You can also use this opportunity to gather member feedback or member votes on controversial issues that affect your group. You decide the agenda, but you must hold one at least once a year.

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is a meeting that can be called to discuss something urgently.

  • An Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be held at least once per academic year.
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) can be called by three committee members of the society or 10% of its members. The committee will then announce a date no later than 3 weeks but after 1 weeks has passed since the EGM has been called. All members of the society and the Activities & Community Officer must be informed.
  • Quorum for a general meeting is 20% of members.



  • The central elections cycle will be held through the KeeleSU website during a bulk election cycle for all affiliated student groups, this will be administered by staff in the Students' Union. During this time membership sales are frozen.
  • By-elections for unfilled committee roles may be held at any time during the year. Nomination and voting periods for by-elections shall be up to society committees.
  • All elections must be advertised for a minimum of 1 week to give fair opportunity to the full society membership to run.
  • Members are only allowed to vote if they’ve joined before nominations have opened.
  • Non-student members are not allowed to run for President, Secretary or Treasurer.

Groups that opt out of the bulk elections period for the central society & club elections cycle must contact KeeleSU in advance so that they can ensure a fair and democratic process is still be upheld. Groups that have opted out would abide the following:

  • For elections taking place at general meetings, the returning officer and deputy returning officer must be chosen by committee as two impartial members of the society to count the votes and announce the winners. They are not allowed to vote. In the event of no members being found, the committee may appoint the Activities & Community Officer and allow them to appoint an impartial deputy.

Please contact for more information.