Society Stripes

Get rewarded for your society's hard work with a range of society stripes


There are around 200 societies here at KeeleSU. Every year they achieve so much that we want to show how important they are to the Keele community. Therefore, this year the Activities Team are piloting a new initiative called Society Stripes, which aims to recognise and reward student groups for all their hard work.

There are five stripes for you to get involved with, and each stripe has three levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each level is made up of different criteria that you must hit in order to earn your stripe. Click on the stripes below to see what you have to do. 

If you think your society has earned a stripe, let us know! Fill in the form at the bottom of the page and show us what you've been up to...there will be rewards!



For each stripe that you earn, we will reward your society depending on the level you achieve. Here is what you could get!



Bronze = 1 Point          Silver = 2 Points         Gold = 3 Points


Name of Society

Total Number of Points

1 Irish Dance Society 11
2 Wildlife Society 7
3 Islamic Society 3
- KRAP 3
4 Drama Society 2
- Dance Society 2
- Parkinson's UK Society 2
5 Gamerbase 1