Get staff and students involved with activities

Give it a Go

Get staff and students involved with activities



Key Criteria 

Please note: To qualify as a GIAG event, the event must be free and open to non-members 

 GIAG Events Added to the KeeleSU Page
Give It A Go aims at creating opportunities for staff and students to get involved with an activity which they wouldn't normally get chance to, and allows you as a committee to showcase what your society is about. This criteria looks at the number of free events your society runs over the year, which people can get involved in without the pressure of becoming a member.
  • Each event must be at least slightly different (e.g. Different times of day, different themes, different purposes)
  • Each event must be advertised on the KeeleSU Events page for it to qualify
  • To make your event easily recognisable as a GIAG event, you must use the logo on any posters or artwork you produce to help advertise it
Participation in an Event led by KeeleSU
Throughout the year, KeeleSU runs a range of fun and interactive events, and we want to make sure all our societies have the chance to get involved! To achieve this criteria, your society would need to actively participate with one or more of the many events that occur here at KeeleSU.
  • Examples of these events might include the Freshers' or Refreshers Fairs, getting involved with open days or hosting a Crafternoon with the Activities Team
Increase your Membership through GIAG
Give It A Go events are fantastic opportunities to recruit new members for your society. If you utilise the campaign well, you could really increase your numbers by quite a lot!
  • Let the Activities Team know when you think you have increased your membership enough to fulfill this part of the GIAG stripe, and we will be able to check it for you


Society Name 

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