HEAR - Societies

‘’I am in an elected position within a KeeleSU Society… am I eligible to put this on my HEAR?’’


YES! If you meet the following criteria:

  1. The position was elected through a democratic process into a registered KeeleSU Society
  2. You have held the position for at least one semester
  3. You have attended the mandatory society training programme
On completion of these criteria, your data will be sent across to Students Record and the following statement would be generated onto your HEAR:
“Active group leader for a Keele University Student Society (SOCIETY NAME HERE), working as part of a team and developing numerous skills related to their individual role as ROLE NAME HERE.”

Email: su.activities@keele.ac.uk     Tel: 01782 734807 (internal 34807)

Or find our office on the top floor of KeeleSU!