HEAR - Sports

HEAR - Sport Statements

“I am in an elected position in a KeeleSU sports club…

“I am in an elected position in an AU committee…

“I am a KeeleSU referee…

“I am a KeeleSU coach…

am I eligible to put this on my HEAR?’’


YES! If you meet the following criteria:

  1. The position was elected through a democratic process
  2. You have held the position for at least one semester
  3. You have attended the mandatory officer training programme
  4. You have submitted council reports, at least one of which must be formal
  5. The club(s) worked with have submitted a declaration of the work you have done (for coaches and referees only)


Email: su.activities@keele.ac.uk    Tel: 01782 734807 (internal 34807)

Or find our office on the top floor of KeeleSU.