HEAR - Volunteering


“I participate in the KeeleSU Volunteering Award Scheme and have completed on of the awards… am I eligible to put this on my HEAR?”



On the successful completion of any of the KeeleSU Volunteering Awards, your data will be sent across to Student Records and the following statement would be generated onto your HEAR:
“Completing (INSERT AWARD SPECIFIC HOURS) of voluntary work that benefits others in some way, whether that be locally, nationally or internationally and reviewing the experience and acquired skills.”
This will be sent over at in May of each academic year so make sure you submit your hours before you leave!
The following KeeleSU Volunteering awards are available: 
  • Bronze: 25 hours volunteered
  • Silver: 50 hours volunteered
  • Gold: 100 hours volunteered
  • Platinum: 200 hours volunteered
  • Platinum Plus: 350 hours volunteered
(for more information on the awards, click here)


Email: su.activities@keele.ac.uk    Tel: 01782 734807 (internal 34807)

Or find our office on the top floor of KeeleSU.