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RAG is all about inspiring students and staff to make a difference by raising funds for charity. 

Every year we accumulate the total fundraising from Keele University under our 'RAG TAG'

RAG resources 

We have put together all the documents a club or society may need to help them run a successful RAG event. We always suggest planning a RAG event at least 6 WEEKS before the event itself, this will give the student group the time to plan the event, make the room or stall booking, advertise the event and book equipment. All of this take times so make sure you don't leave it to the last minute. If your Club or Society ever need help planning a RAG event, contact su.activitites@keele.ac.uk. 

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History of RAG at Keele 

Keele RAG Raising and Giving

RAG has been established at Keele University 1956  RAG day consisted of a long procession of decorated vehicles and floats around Newcastle and Stoke, accompanied by student collectors in fancy dress. There were bucket collections and sales of a “humorous” magazine called WOOP! Stunts, whether planned or impromptu, were a regular feature. 

RAG gradually lost momentum until it was resurrected by a student called Danny Walker, who went on to be an Elected Officer in 2013. 

Now we want you to get involved in Keele RAG. Let us know about your charity fundraising, we can support your events and you will be entered into the Keele RAG Awards where your Club or Society could become RAG Champions! RAG Champions are announced at our end of year awards celebration in May.