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RAG resources

Helpful information for clubs/societies running a RAG event

 We have put together all the documents a club or society may need to help them run a successful RAG event. We always suggest planning a RAG event at least 6 WEEKS before the event itself, this will give the student group the time to plan the event, make the room or stall booking, advertise the event and book equipment. All of this take times so make sure you don't leave it to the last minute. If your Club or Society ever need help planning a RAG event, contact su.activitites@keele.ac.uk. 

Want to run a RAG event at Keele? Below are all the documents, tips and forms you will need to run a fantastic event. Remember, if you ever need any help with a RAG event were always here to help, just contact su.activities@keele.ac.uk. 

Charity Fundraising and RAG Process for Societies

  1. Choose any registered charity to fundraise for. They must be registered with the UK Charity Commission
  2. Come up with an innovative way to raise money for your chosen charity.
  3. Create a plan for the event, including costing, dates, times, marketing material and detailed idea for the event.
  4. Provide the plan to the activities team. This will benefit in the planning stage and will allow socieities to sign off stripes awards as this is a requirement for the events category.
  5. If your fundraising activity involves using society funds or includes an element of risk this MUST be included in the planning document. 
  6. Once your event is approved, start advertising it! Talk to activities, we can help with our social media pages and work with the marketing and entertainment department, all of which can help with marketing the event. 
  7. REMEMBER CHARITY LAW!!!!!!!!!. Don't fall into the trap of spending money that can not be claimed back from the society, e.g. ingredients for a bake sale. (See below) 
  8. If the club or society needs a to hire any equipment, make sure this is included in the planning document. To book any equipment you can book it at the booking hub HERE-  https://keelesu.com/shopsandservices/bookinghub/ 
  9. On the week of the event, collect any charity collection buckets you have requested from the opportunities office. Charity buckets must also be booked through the Booking Hub
  10. Carry out your fundraising activity!
  11. After the event,  make sure you RAG TAG it, let us know how much you have raised and how you did it. Too RAG TAG the event, either complete the RAG form that comes with the RAG buckets and returns it to activities. You can also RAG TAG through the SU website HERE- https://keelesu.com/activities/rag/
  12. After RAG TAGGING  the event bring any cash you have raised into activities, you will need to complete an expenditure form.
  13. Take the cash and the expenditure form to Finance and make sure the money goes through the RAG account  
  14. The money will then be sent to the charity from there 


Charity laws

The Students Union is a registered charity, this means that anything we do must be for the benefit of our students who are our contributors. This expands to any charity work we do, we can not give money directly to another charity as this is classed as Ultra Vires, or out of our interest for our members. Being a charity means we must adhere to Uk charity law. How does this affect Club and Socieities;

  • Any RAG activities must be educational in nature. What does this mean?- Any RAG events must increase or improve the students experience as students. This means that any RAG event must allow students to take part in or gain something that is Educational in nature or provides experience to help their future careers. 
  • Must benefit students as students- As a charity ourselves we can not give money directly to another charity or cause, however, we see the fantastic benefits of students running charity event and the experience they gain as students, such a leadership, budgeting, event planning, marketing social media etc. Therefore any RAG event must benefit the students leading on the event as a student and the experience they can gain- ANY QUESTIONS ALWAYS ASK US!


Useful documents 

Event planning form

Over Night Risk Assessment

Event budget planning 

Event Risk Assessment

Example Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Information 


Useful Links 

Room Booking

Stall Booking

Equipment booking (Including RAG buckets)