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Are you interested in the really cool parts of computing?

We're talking about robots, artificially intelligent simulations, virtual reality, 3D-printing or just the art of programming itself (it's just as cool as the rest, we get you) - if the idea of learning about and working with these areas of computing gets you stirring then we'd love to welcome you to the Keele BCS Student Chapter, KBSC.

This year we're already planning some proper exciting projects for our members to get involved with including:

  • An antweight class robot combat tournament in the style of Robot Wars or Battlebots (with plenty of robot building workshops leading up to it - for practice)
  • Crash courses on both 3D-modelling and 3D-printing so you can finally make that lifesize R2D2 that you've always wanted
  • Programming and teaching a fully functional robotic arm to prepare it for any situation

And we'll be running all of the above whilst supporting local organisations and charities - what's not to love?


How much computing experience do you have?

Trick question - it doesn't matter - you don't even need to be a computer science student! At KBSC we're here to guide anyone through as many of the most fascinating parts of computing as we can possibly fit into the year, whether you're a seasoned pro whose Java is better than their English or someone who has yet to take the dive into the world of 1s and 0s themselves.

If some of the bigger projects above seem a little daunting then let us assure you that we'll be running beginner classes on coding as well - these'll be taught by members of the society with industry level experience and will include a range of programming principles & languages, including some rarer languages not even taught on the computer science course itself.


Is this your first time hearing about BCS?

Not a worry, let us help with that. BCS, or the British Computer Society, is a charity and chartered institute for IT with two simple goals:

  1. To promote the study and application of computing & communications technologies
  2. To advance educational knowledge in ICT for both professionals and the general public

Essentially they're all about the knowledge behind computing - and that's exactly what we're about as well!


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