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Welcome to KEHNT!

We're a society that aims to provide a relaxed environment in which to socially visit National Trust and English Heritage sites roughly once a month - you can pick and choose which of our outings you come on, whether that is all of them or just the ones that really appeal to you.  As a change from previous years, each month (except October), the Committee will suggest two possible venues and members can vote on which they would like to go to.  Most votes wins so get your membership and watch your emails!    The dates and proposed options are below (although please note these may change depending on other events offered by the National Trust or English Heritage, e.g. for Christmas, Easter, etc).

These visits would provide an opportunity to get out of the 'Keele bubble' whilst being able to increase cultural knowledge. A breath of fresh air is always beneficial to mental wellbeing; as a Society our aim to to have a positive impact of the mental wellbeing of students who join, and provide a space where they can relax and forget about any stress and work involving University.

By purchasing a membership, you get unlimited access to all our trips - FOR FREE!  Non-members may be able to attend some events although there will be a small fee for this.

Trips to English Heritage sites would also include a small learning activity in order to comply with their 'educational groups' entry policy.

We are hoping to also be able to offer transport, whether use of the minibuses or students offering lifts in their own cars so please don't be put off because you don't know how you would get to a venue.  Equally, if you have a car and would be able to offer lifts, please let us know when you book your ticket for an event.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch (soc.kehnt@keele.ac.uk).


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  • Bowling Social£7.45
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