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Society Overview 

The Society’s overall aim is to encourage students to get involved in local, national and global issues affecting human rights through a range of activities and campaigns in support of the voiceless.  

What you can expect to gain as a member:

  • A wider perspective and better understanding of the work Amnesty International carries out across the UK and the world. 
  • Opportunities to take part in real action by voicing and fighting against human rights abuse through petitions, video campaigns, debates, demonstrations, conferences and more.
  • Carry out fundraising events to help fund Amnesty International’s research efforts on documenting abuse and protecting human rights across the UK and the world. 
  • An opportunity to take a more sympathetic and critical view of everyday and far-away life.
  • Engage in personal development by learning new skills and building upon others such as communication, confidence, fundraising and campaigning.


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