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The CoppaFeel! Keele Uni Boob Team are here to spread boob love at Keele by educating people on the importance of knowing their bodies. Knowing your boobs could save your life, do you know yours?

We are here to represent CoppaFeel! On Keele campus to make sure you are checking your boobs regularly. On behalf of CoppaFeel! we are reminding you that just 5 minutes of your daily routine, be it in the shower or while you're sitting in bed, could be all it takes to save your life. We will also be fundraising for CoppaFeel! To help make sure that the charity's vital message is spread continually nationwide.

You can donate directly to the team via this page:

Together, we can prevent the late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer. 

If you would like to get involved and be part of the team, message me (UBT Leader Annie Rose Porter) on Facebook or email us.

For more information about how amazing CoppaFeel! Is going to

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