Want to try something new? KUBS offers fun classes to build body confidence and learn new skills through the art of burlesque! We practice dance, fitness, chair, flexibility and circus tricks!

Founded in October 2014, Keele Burlesque was designed as an alternative society for confidence building and fitness. It quickly blossomed into a fantastic community of like-minded people and our aims developed along with this growth. In 2016/17 KUBS aims to continue to instil confidence in our members through the art of Burlesque, but also to teach our members new skills in crafting and stage makeup - along with acting and flexibility. 

Although it may seem to be a female-focussed society, we can assure you that is not the case. Any and all genders are free to try out a class, and if they like it - will be more than accepted into our society. 

If you're interested in a more masculine style of burlesque (think Magic Mike but a bit more comedic) then please check out this video below for some inspiration! 


Previous KUBS Achievements:

  • Hosted a Body Confidence Workshop in association with Keele Minds.
  • Performed on stage at KRAP Karnage 2015 on the main SU stage after Funeral For A Friend.
  • Created a KUBS Calendar which sold out!
  • Hosted a Nipple Tassel crafting workshop.
  • Performed on stage at KRAP's Montagues and KRAPulets 2019.
  • Performed on stage at the Society Showcase in 2019.


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  • I'm interested in Burlesque Society - Tell me more!£0.00

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