Keele Socialists is a society for left wing students to study and discuss socialism, organise and help the community, and meet like-minded students.

Keele Socialists is a society open to all people with left-leaning political beliefs. We will spend the year helping out in the community through volunteering, hosting fundraising events for good causes, holding casual study sessions on topics like working class history and contemporary socialist movements, as well as doing more chilled things like socials and upcoming cross-overs with other societies with similar aims. (e.g. Feminist Society)

We are purposefully party neutral as to be more inviting to a wider range of people and avoid party politics damaging the society's cohesion. This means we do not officially endorse any political party. All members of the society are entitled to join and operate in any left-wing political party of their choice.

Your 2017/18 Committee is:
President: Harley Nicholls
Secretary: Rhys Hansard
Treasurer: Daniel Thorpe

In the works currently:

  • We are organising a sponsored sleep rough night to raise money and awareness for the welfare of homeless people. We will be teaming up with a local charity that specialises in this to make sure it runs well.
  • Socialist study sessions where we will look at various socialist movements, both contemporary and historical. Each month will have a relevant theme. (e.g. Black History Month will feature a study of the Black Panther Party and anti-colonial movements in Africa.)
  • Socials to meet other members and generally have a good time.


The society's constitution can be found here (Link)


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