Mature Students Society is a supportive group for all mature students (21+yrs old at start of your course). Whatever your level of study, join us so we can chat, laugh and make friends together.

A bit like many of us, after a short break from education, Mature Students Society has returned to Keele in 2022!  

Reigniting it came from the belief that Mature Students often have to work that little bit harder, take a few more risks, and make a few more sacrifices to get to university and, for that, we think they should have as good an experience if not better.  That's what we are here to do!  Our aims are to:

  • help you meet people at a similar stage in their lives so you can chat about good things, off-load the less good, problem-solve, laugh, become friends and/or study partners.
  • show you that Societies (not just ours) are accessible for Mature Students - who knows which one you might join next and where that might lead...?!
  • offer volunteering opportunities (e.g. being part of the Committee or supporting you to organise events through the Society) that you can put on your CVs and boost your employability skills (we know you are already pretty amazing and have a lot of skills to offer but one more can't hurt can it...).
  • create a supportive, friendly, nurturing environment to have fun and beat loneliness and isolation together.

We will lay on a programme of events through the year but if there is anything you would particularly like to do, please get in touch with the Committee or feel free to put a post on the FaceBook page.  This Society is for you so we want to do what you want to do and the more of you that join us, the more successful it will be.  Remember strangers are just friends we haven't made yet and you only have to walk in as the newbie once - everytime after that gets easier.  We'd love to have you join us.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, why not give us a go? 


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Coffee morning
25th January
The monthly coffee morning returns. Organised by the Student Services Support Officers and attended by the Mature Students Part-Time Officer and SU Welfare and Diversity Officer. Free tea and biscuits anyone?!
3rd February
LaserQuest, Newcastle-under-Lyme
To celebrate the relaunch of Mature Students Society we are unleashing our inner kids and going to LaserQuest! Possibility of a drink at Arnold Machin afterwards for those who want to (although not obligatory if you just want to shoot and run...!).




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