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Keele Student Minds is a group of Keele University students committed to promoting positive mental well-being and spreading awareness of mental health issues within the Keele student population.

Keele Student Minds is an awareness raising and signposting service for Keele students (and non-students) committed to promoting positive mental well-being and reducing the stigma towards mental health problems. University life - or everyday life in general - can be a very stressful place, so we strive to provide a safe community for people to relax, socialise and support each other. As well as this, we hold several campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness of mental health problems. The campaigns are done both on campus and through social media, and anyone can get involved - so please do! We tend to have at least one social per month, more if the demand is high, and we try our best to cater for everyone by having both alcoholic and non-alcoholic socials, locations are accessible to anyone with mobility issues, etc.

This year, we are aiming to provide two bi-weekly events, one indoor and one outdoor (weather permitting). These would involve walks around campus, arts and crafts sessions, perhaps a trip or two away from campus, and much more!
We have a friendly, approachable committee comprising of:
President: Yasmin Cantwell 
Secretary: Natasha Craven
Treasurer: Helen Winterburn 
Volunteer Sustainability Officer: Seren Lloyd
Also, please feel free to join and get involved with our social media pages, where our online campaigns take place, as well as general chit-chat amongst members. Honestly, we don't bite!
We look forward to seeing you all. :)

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