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The Keele Oxfam Society is a group of students dedicated to supporting Oxfam's current campaigns which fight poverty at its roots with the use of simple and smart solutions.

The Keele Oxfam Society is a group of students dedicated to raising awareness about Oxfam's current campaigns and about the issues surrounding worldwide poverty at Keele. Oxfam is a globally renowned aid and development charity with more than 70 years of experience working in over 90 countries worldwide to put an end to poverty and injustice. Not only do they provide necessary supplies in times of emergency but they aim to help communities in the long term by empowering those suffering poverty to take control of their lives. 

We intend to make our contribution through fundraising in collaboration with fellow societies to help everyone make a difference and jump at every opportunity presented. Feel free to contact us if you think we can help you!

Joining the Keele Oxfam Society not only looks amazing on your CV, but it also allows you to gain life-changing skills while meeting new and interesting people! Time you put towards helping organise events and fundraising can be recorded as volunteering hours and these hours can then be put towards a volunteering award which is HEAR recordable!

In case you were wondering, the nearest Oxfam shop is on Ironmarket in Newcastle-Under-Lyme so why not support people in need and get yourself something you want at the same time?

When you support Oxfam's life-changing work, unstoppable change takes root in communities around the world. 

Get involved today!

To join, please pay the very low membership fee of £0.00 (FREE) through this site by logging in with your university credentials, adding Oxfam to your basket and going through the checkout or find us at one of the Society Sign-Up Fairs! We post our events on our Facebook page for all our non member friends to see and we also have a Facebook group to keep up to date with our latest news (but don't worry, we will also send emails out with the same stuff): https://www.facebook.com/groups/keeleoxfamsociety/

Need more info? Email us!

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