What can you count?

What qualifies as volunteering?

New definition of volunteering:

KeeleSU Volunteering department defines volunteering as any activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment, or individuals other than yourself, or community groups.

This can include volunteering in a set role with a registered charity or volunteering informally carrying out roles such fundraising or community social action. Central to this definition is the fact that volunteering must be a choice freely made by you.  

If you are not sure if your activities count towards the KeeleSU Volunteering Awards, please get in touch with a member of the department, we are more than happy to help! 


Who can claim Volunteering Hours?


Community Volunteering

This is for the projects you would usually associate with volunteering. These opportunities are often advertised on our volunteering website and include charity work and assisting community groups in arranged projects and activities.

Whilst we do host a range of activities with partnering organisations, you can also log hours undertaken elsewhere as long as we can verify them. Unpaid work for a charity or community group undertaken outside of your studies is volunteering. For example, if you volunteer for a charity shop in the town, that counts!


Student Voice Representatives

Student Voice Representatives can claim volunteer hours for the time spent in SSVC meetings and up to one and half hours of preparation time for each meeting attended. 

SVRs can also claim volunteer hours for any training course attended for the position. This includes the initial training session whether physically attended or completed online. 

SVRs can also add time for any relevant forums attended.


Club and Society Committees

Anyone on a society committee can log volunteering hours for any work contributed towards the society. This does not include attending your sessions/meetings nor socials.

Volunteering does include marketing, event organisation, planning of sessions and socials, administration of the society. If you provide any work for another society in collaboration this too can count. 


Society Executives

If you have been elected as a society executive you can log hours dedicated to this role. This does not include time provided to your own society rather time spent officially representing your society. 

You can log hours for attending Society Executive meetings, training for this role, and meeting with the Activities & Community Officer. 


AU Committee

 Any part-time member of the AU Committee not receiving payment for their work can log hours with Keele SU volunteering. 

 Any time spent working towards the role can be logged, this included general duties, relevant training, and any forums attended for the role. 


Keele SU Part-time Elected Officers

 Any hours working to represent Keele SU and respective roles of part-time officers can be claimed. Training and forums attended are also included. 

You cannot claim for attending Union General Meetings but you can claim hours for attending Union Council Meetings. 


Student Trustees

Part-time and student trustees can log volunteering hours for any time spent dedicated to this role.

Time can be claimed for attending the Union's Trustee Board meetings and for any relevant training attended. 


Campaign Groups

Keele SU runs a number of campaigns and partners with other campaign groups across the university.

 If you spend any time contributing to either our own campaigns or work that partner campaign groups promote, this can be logged as volunteer hours. This ranges from activities such as making promotional material, to administrating events and stall holding.  


Those attending SU Training and Skills Sessions

 Keele SU holds a Committee Conference each year which is a one day event with different training sessions aimed to help you get the most of committee positions. Attendance of any training session during this day can be logged as volunteering hours. 

 Also attending any training session ran be Keele SU can be logged as volunteering hours. Look out for opportunities on the training section of our volunteering website. 


Work Experience

Any unpaid work experience for an independent organisation, that is not contractual nor a placement for study, undertaken during your time enrolled as a Keele student can be logged as volunteering hours. 

You will just have to provide us with the details of who you are volunteering for so we can verify these hours. 



 If you contribute to any fundraising ventures for charitable organisations during your time as a Keele student, either independently or working with the charity, you can log hours spent working on the project. 

You would need to provide us with details of the fundraising venture and organisation it is for to verify your logged hours. 


You do not have to solely volunteer under one of these roles! You can apply to volunteer with any other of our ongoing projects in order to build up your volunteering hours and gain awards.

Any award received from Bronze (25 hours) to Crystal (500 hours) can be applied as an official element of your HEAR profile.


Logging your Hours

To log your volunteer hours you need to register a profile with Keele SU volunteering: https://keelesu.com/volunteering/profile/

You will need to state the activity you have volunteered for, add in the correct amount of hours, and then add in any relevant skills gained from your work.

You will also need to fill in a personal review on your profile page as well as complete relevant hours to gain award certification.


Things to be aware of:

  • You need to be able to provide evidence of all of your volunteering activities- without this evidence, you cannot count your hours
  • If you are backdating your hours, the old system will still apply- please ask us for more details
  • If you are volunteering abroad, any fundraising that you carry out for this  can be counted

  • You can count the travel time that you spend getting to your project. However, you can’t count travel outside of the UK.

  • You cannot count volunteering that is required of you by your course i.e that you get academic credit for

  • If you are an international student who is here on a Tier 4 Visa, there may be some restrictions on the types of volunteering you can get involved with. Please get in touch with the Volunteering Department for more information


In order for you to gain your KeeleSU Volunteering Awards, you will need to provide the Volunteering Department with evidence of your activities. This can come in many different forms including:

  • Minutes of committee meetings

  • Contact details of someone who can verify your hours

  • Photos of your event i.e you volunteering on a fundraising challenge


** Each committee member will get 5 hours added automatically for admin each year. This covers social media updates, emails sent out, general admin tasks.