How to Log Hours


One of our most frequently asked questions is how you can log your volunteer hours with us. 


Open "Your Profile" and carry out the following steps: 


Click on the link which states how many hours you have logged under "Volunteering Hours"

Click to add your volunteering role from the category of four provided

List your volunteering role, project/position, and add in dates of the role

Click on the blue bar which lists your role

Click Log Hours 

Add your Activity description, date undertaken, and time volunteered, then "Add"

Once enough hours have been logged for an award your profile page will notify you, you will also recieve an email from us.


When you have reached an Award:

Go to your Profile page, click on Awards Progress. Click on Personal Review

Fill in your Personal Review and leave details of who we can verify your hours with*

If you are on your Gold Award or above, email to arrange and deliver a presentation**

Don't forget to also "Add Skills". You will be notified how many of the MAIN category skills you will need to reflect on to recieve an award.

Wait for us to verify your hours and review and RECIEVE YOUR AWARD


What Counts?


Volunteering covers such a diverse range of activities - you may already be volunteering and not even know it! Check out our new, more inclusive, definition of what counts, and find out what you can log towards our awards. 


*There will be two save buttons on your personal review page for both the review and details- make sure to click both

** Presentations are 15-30 minute informal catch ups with a member of volunteering staff, you are welcome to bring slides or talk us through your volunteering. We can provide an outline of topics to cover for each award. 


Need any Help? 


Please feel free to come into the office, email, or ring during working hours of 10am-5pm on weekdays. 



KeeleSU Rob, Lucy & Hannah

Location Top Floor, Students' Union, 10am-5pm

Telephone 01782 733896

Mail  /ksuvolunteering  @KeeleSUv