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Keele has a frequently asked questions page about exams.


Exam Plus is a programme of events designed to help you achieve your potential, keep calm and stay healthy. Find out about pop-up study spaces, revision help, mock exam rooms, exam anxiety management, free massages, free fruit & water and much more.


Some advice about how to cope with the pressure of exams.


Cheating in exams


If you are really worried about how you will perform in exams, or if you have a lot of pressure to perform from your sponsors, your family or others, cheating isn't the best way to cope with this.  It might be appropriate for you to submit information into the Extenuating Circumstances process and get some academic advice and guidance.  You might need some support from Counselling and Mental Health Support.

If you are feeling that worried and desperate about your exams, you can come and talk to ASK and we can help you look at options which are best for you.  

Your behaviour in the exam room is monitored.  You might get caught for cheating when all you did was forget some revision notes that were in your pocket, which fell out during the exam.  Make sure you know the rules about exam behaviour.

If you are accused of cheating in exams, and have been asked to attend a meeting by the Student Conduct office, ASK can help.  We can give you advice and, if you need us to, we can attend University meetings with you.  We will need notice of university meetings, so contact ASK as soon as you are contacted by the conduct office - email or call 01782 7 34800.


More Information

University regulations about calculators in exams.

Information about what’s good and bad academic conduct is here.

Keele regulations on examinations and assessments.





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