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How to make life in shared accommodation as easy as possible

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Living with your friends can be a great experience as long as everyone treats each other with respect and has similar ideas of how they want to live.The best way to keep things peaceful is to be realistic about who you choose to live with in the first place, and then have some honest talks about how you want to live.  Consider how you feel about visitors, partners staying over, late night parties, housemates having time to themselves, standards of cleanliness, contributing to bills, dealing with arguments, as well as anything else that you feel is important. 

Rightmove has a great list of tips:

  • Consider having regular 'house meetings' where you can air your views before they get out of hand

  • Try and socialise together so you remain friends as well as housemates.

  • Eat together when you can which will save money as well be a social event.

  • Have a kitty for communal house items such as cleaning products and loo roll.

  • Have clear guidelines about who does what housework and how regularly.

  • Have a clear strategy for paying bills from the start - whose responsibility is it? How much each? How are payments made?

It is very difficult to leave a tenancy early so do try and resolve problems before they become too big.  If things do go wrong, it's worth talking to an adviser in ASK.