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Housing Essentials

Finding a place to live as a student can seem like a pretty daunting task. However, there is loads of advice and guidance out there.

If you have any questions or can’t find what you’re looking for here come and see us in ASK. Alternatively, check out Shelter’s website – a housing charity specializing in supporting people in both finding and living in a house. They also campaign (just like KeeleSU) on a whole range of different issues.

Gas, fire and electrical safety

Gas, Fire and electrical safety

Your landlord or letting agent must show you a valid Gas Safety Certificate before you move in. Every landlord should be able to present you with their Gas Safety Certificate within 21 days if you request it. It is proof that your boiler and any gas appliances have been checked for safety. Shelter offers lots of useful tips on gas safety.




If something breaks or is in a state of disrepair, make sure you contact your landlord or letting agent immediately. Check out this link to find lots more information about disrepair in rented accommodation.


Love thy neighbour

Keeping on good terms with your neighbours

Students often get branded as bad neighbours, but it’s often not the case and it certainly doesn’t have to be that way. When you move in, make the time and effort to greet your neighbours and if you’re going to have a party make sure you let them know beforehand. You can download this moving in postcard to drop through your neighbours’ door. More information.



Making a complaint

If your landlord or letting agent isn’t fulfilling their responsibilities, you have every right to make a complaint. Remember it’s your home and you need to be safe, warm and content. If this isn’t the case then there are actions you can take. It’s best to contact either Stoke on Trent or Newcastle under Lyme Housing Standards. You can do this by either emailing or depending on where your property is located. Click here for more information.


Deposit Agreement

Tenancy Deposit Protection

Your landlord must legally protect your deposit in a government backed tenancy deposit scheme. There are three different schemes and it should be clearly stated within your tenancy agreement which one it will be protected in. It’s really important to check this out as soon as possible as it can avoid a lot of hassle towards the end of your tenancy. More information about deposits.


Tenancy Agreements

Tenancy agreements

As a student and as a tenant you have both rights and responsibilities. These should be listed in your tenancy agreement so it’s important that you read it through thoroughly before signing it. Make sure you understand as much as you can about tenancy agreements before you start looking for a house. ASK can go through a contract with you before you sign.  You can also read about tenancy agreements and what to look out for on our page here.


Landlord Accreditation

Landlord Accreditation

The Landlord Accreditation Scheme: North & Central Staffordshire is a local authority run project, designed to recognise those landlords who provide good quality accommodation and who continue to have good management practices. KeeleSU only invites accredited landlords to any of our housing events. Only accredited landlords can advertise on StudentPad. To check if your landlord is accredited check out the landlord accreditation scheme website.