What is a hate incident?

What is a hate incident?
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Hate incidents aren’t the same as hate crimes. They are any non-criminal acts of prejudice because of someone’s gender identity, sexuality, race, religion or disability.

It is classified as a hate incident if you believe it is based on one of these characteristics.

Hate incidents can include verbal abuse, online abuse or name calling.

Examples of a hate incident:

Jen is walking down the street holding hands with her girlfriend Marie. They pass a group of men who begin to taunt them, calling them ‘lesbians’ and saying they can ‘turn them straight’.

Fred is a member of a private Whatsapp group, which is known for its ‘laddish banter’. He comes across a message which makes references to ‘sending Black people back home’.

If you think you have experienced a hate crime, you can report it here.

You can also report through the Truvision website, or by calling 101