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Support and counselling is available to anyone who has experienced bereavement at any time in their lives. Including miscarriage, suicide and termination.

After someone dies, you may experience natural feelings of numbness, sadness, anger or feeling unable to cope.  It is also common to have difficulties with eating, sleeping, poor concentration, headaches and other physical symptoms. If you have suffered from a bereavement and feel the need to talk to someone about how you feel ASK can talk to you in confidence and liaise with support services available in the local areas.

The Dove Service is a local organisation based in Hanley that can help, call into ASK for more information or go to their website for more information and contact details at

Keele University has its own Counselling service for students on campus.  They can help with all the issues and matters mentioned above.  To find out more about their services and how to make an appointment to seen them go to