Man holding sign saying 'What our clients say'

Why Use ASK?

Don't just believe us that our service is good, here's what our students say about ASK and the service we provide.


‘Very welcoming and understanding, they took the time to understand the issue so they could solve it most effectively. They also followed up with an e-mail which made me feel very supported’

‘Great for advice; welcoming & friendly yet professional’

‘Couldn't have asked for anything better. Excellent service in every way’

‘An exceptional service that offers support to students in times of need. The friendly service offers student centred advice’

‘A friendly, helpful service that gave me an external perspective on the situation that helped me resolve it’

‘The receptionist was very understanding and helpful, the staff member who I spoke with was very accommodating as I was extremely late however I was still assisted in completing my form and was not rushed in anyway. Overall I felt that staff were excellent and I came away feeling so much better than when I arrived’

‘Simply amazing, they listen to every word and they're very supportive and friendly. Brilliant people. Truly’

‘The service was really useful for me as I found myself in a situation that required legal guidance but didn't know who to talk to. I was directed to ASK from Student services and they were brilliant at providing not only legal support but also emotional support and understanding. They kept in touch and made sure I was okay, and made me feel like I had somewhere I could go for help which would stay confidential’

‘They’re amazing, love their support and I am thankful for the support that they have been providing me’

‘Fantastic service, calmed my stresses about an Academic Conduct Officer meeting and were welcoming and assuring’

‘ASK is a great tool to get another, knowledgeable, point of view on any questions, concerns, or issues with the university. Along with the support provided it is a great service’

 ‘They helped me deal with a major issue that had been bothering me for a long time. After I talked to them I was a lot more at ease and better able to deal with the issue. I wish I had contacted them sooner’

‘The whole process was excellent, efficient, informative & non-judgemental’

 ‘Staff were very welcoming and understanding and made me feel like I had a safe and comfortable place to go and talk about my problems’

‘ASK were amazing and even through this horrendous virus they both continued to support me. I can’t thank them enough’

‘Very helpful, they got back to me fast even during the pandemic and summer vacation and were able to read through our housing contract and find somethings we asked our landlord to change’