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KeeleSU Awards 2018- Student Voice Reps


Congratulations to all the Student Voice Reps for the academic year 2017-18. 

Each year at the KeeleSU Awards, we celebrate some of the outstanding work from Student Voice reps throughout the year.  Below are the winners of the Student Voice Rep awards 2018. 


Faculty Student Voice Representative - Medicine and Health Sciences: Melanie Gough-Rodgers

Faculty Student Voice Representative - Natural Sciences: Ryan Stanyard

Faculty Student Voice Representative - Humanities and Social Science - Emily Valentine


Lead School Voice Representative of the Year: Connor Shiggins


Partnership Award: Geography Year 1 Student Voice Representatives (Alana Wheat, Siobhán Doyle, Chloe Lake, Henry Simpson, Samuel Ford)


Outstanding Engagement: Rebecca Saddington-Wiltshire


Above and Beyond Award: Connaugh Gratton-Smith


Student Voice Representative of the Year: Rebecca Saddington Wiltshire



To any Student Voice Reps who will be graduating this year, a big thank you from Student Voice for your hard work.