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Keele students ask the University! Vice Chancellor Question Time- Recording

Tom Snape, your Union Development and Democracy Officer, chaired an evening of questions with Vice Chancellor Professor Trevor McMillan and Dr Anne Loweth Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students). Click HERE to watch the recording of the video.

Below you can see the list of questions that were submitted prior to the event and the follow up questions asked from the floor on the evening. 


*Please note these are not direct transcriptions from the video, they have been paraphrased for the purpose of this summary. 
  • Vice Chancellors salary has been in the headlines over the past couple of years. Times Higher Education published a list of University Vice Chancellor’s salaries, in academic year 2015-16, the year you started in the role, Keele spent over 200,000 on VC Salary and benefits. What are your thoughts on this?


  • So the next question we’ve had is around construction projects on campus. Not all of them are finished, why are there so many half finished building projects?


  • What is being done about sports facilities at Keele? What might students expect in the future regarding investment in sports facilities? 
  • Follow Up Question: You're talking about increasing participation in sports, but some of the facilities are embarassing. Who would be willing to participate when the facilities are like this? Matches are being cancelled due to flooding, students have to go elsewhere to be able to play. Surely, don't you think action should be taken? 
  • Follow Up Question: You want to expand the University to allow for more students, but do you think it has come at a cost? There was a leak in Barnes, a brand new build, over Christmas. Do you think it has come at a cost in terms of sports facilities and accommodation, in the pursuit of getting more students into the University?


  • What should we expect in terms of mental health and wellbeing support for students? 
  • Follow Up: Do you think there would be potential for a complementary therapy centre here at Keele?


  • A decision was recently taken to turn the music course into a dual honors only program. What drove that decision and what is being done to make sure that our community of student musicians are well supported?


  • Many of Keele’s music facilities are considered to be out of date - Lindsay studio in particular stands out in this regard - are there plans to improve this?


  • Costcutter- A lot of students use that as a place for regular shopping - is the price point what it needs to be for students to afford that?
  • Follow Up: Almost all the fridges seem to be out of order, so there's a lack of choice because of that. Also, since September they've brought in the new ID policy, they claim they cannot accept my Isle of Man driving licence, regardless of the fact that it is a British ID. It is the same for EU students. Can you give any clarity as to why Costcutter have implemented this new policy this year? 


  • A lot of students commute to campus - could more be done to help those students store and potentially heat up their own food?


  • Students in the medical school can’t really make it to the core of campus to heat up food - do you think there is scope for more pro-active work in the David Weatherall building to support those students?   


  • Let's talk about parking. What do you see as the causes of parking issues at Keele and would a multi-storey car park save our parking woes? 


  • What drives the rises in accommodation costs? Do you feel they are reflective of overall inflation?
  • Follow Up Question: Is there an update on the Affordable Accommodation campaign we discussed last year? There doesn't seem to have been much progress or impact from this campaign. ?
  • Follow Up: Most of the issues seem to stem from this agreement signed over 20 years ago. When will this end and will anything be done to prevent this in future? 



  • What steps do we take to ensure high quality teaching, particularly when recruiting new staff? What steps are taken to support staff who deliver teaching?


  • Over the past few years there has been a resurgence of intolerance in public discourse, whether that’s xenophobia or outright fascism. What steps does the University take to ensure that our campus is as inclusive as possible?
  • Follow Up Question: Some instances over the passed few weeks where some international students have been told to 'go home' and have had xenophobic remarks said about them. It is happening on campus. It is an issue. That should be considered and an approach should be taken against that. 



If you have any questions or concerns, contact your full-time elected officers: 

Sam Gibbons - Activities & Community Officer- <>

Amy Holden - AU & Sport Officer- <>

Elliott Lancaster - Education Officer- <>

Ele Fisher - Welfare & Internationalisation Officer- <>

Tom Snape - Union Development & Democracy Officer- <>