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10 reasons why nominating yourself in the KeeleSU elections could be the best thing you ever do


Here's what current and former full-time elected officers say about their experience. 


1. Representing the interests of over 10,000 Keele students is such a valuable experience. You really have the power to make change. 


"I feel like I'm really making a difference."


2. You may leave this role having conducted more interviews than you have been interviewed. As part of this role you’re a member of recruitment panels for potential new members of staff. 


"I feel prepared to be interviewed in the future

by potential employers and am confident I will

understand what they are looking for when asking questions."

3. To be in a job where you are given responsibility and trusted with it is a great feeling and not something many people get in their first job straight out of University.


4. The job is open to EVERYONE. You can run for a position with any experience, in any year of your degree.


5. The Students’ Union is just a really great place to work, it’s a fun atmosphere but the work you do really matters, you feel like you’re giving something back to the students and to the community.


"... the work you do matters."


6. Travelling the country and meeting officers from other Students’ Unions means you make lasting friendships and get to work with such an inspiring range of people.


7. Direct the strategic direction of a charitable organisation with a turnover of over £3.5million.


8. As a full-time officer you are a trustee of the charity. You are a member of the trustee board and gain training and experience in this highly regarded position.


9. Build a network of contacts with a variety of national organisations which can be beneficial for your career.


10. Have a say on higher education policy on a national level.