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Making a Difference as a Part-Time Officer


To make sure that all students are heard and that we are as representative as we can be, we have 17 part-time officer positions. They represent the interests of various groups of students by lobbying the University and coordinating campaigns on issues that are important to you.


The part-time officer roles are voluntary and it is done alongside your studies. You are supported by the full-time elected officers and the Student Voice team.


The skills you gain in this role enhance your personal and professional development in ways that other part-time roles may not offer. You are part of a network of student leaders representing the over 10,000 students here at Keele. You develop your negotiation and communication skills with key stakeholders across the University, the local community and nationally. You have the opportunity to attend national conferences to have a say on higher education policy on a national scale whilst building a network with other officers and staff from Universities, Students’ Unions and national organisations around the country.


Part-time officers are students who want to make a difference. Is that you?

Nominate yourself here:



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