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Student Choice Awards

The Student Choice Awards are returning to KeeleSU this year!

This event is hosted by the Students' Union for the University staff to celebrate and recognise outstanding work and support provided by staff for Keele students. 


Students nominate the staff they think should be recognised in these awards and the nominations are reviewed by a panel led by the Education Officer at Keele Students' Union. 


You can see the list of winners from last year here


The list of awards and criteria is below:

Innovative Use of Technology 

This award is to recognise a staff member(s) who has used technology within the context of their teaching to engage students in a new way. The use of this method will have positively benefited the quality of the learning experience for the students on that course.


Exceptional Personal Tutor 

This award celebrates a staff member who provides the support, guidance and committment to the students assigned to them that allows a student to fully emerse themselves in all aspects of student experience, within and beyond the curriculum.


Extra Mile Award 

This award is to recognise a staff member who goes above and beyond to ensure the best in student experience.


Most Engaging Educator

Whether it be through content or delivery, this award aims to celebrate where a staff member is recognised amongst students for their engaging teaching.


Team Teaching Award

This award celebrates a staff team that demonstrates a culture of collaborative working that positively impacts the students and ensures the student academic experience is efficient and effective.


Student Voice Champion 

The Student Voice Champion award is given to the staff member who not only encourages and values student feedback, whether that be positive or negative, but endeavours to act on it. They recognise the integral role of the Student Voice Representatives in providing an effective and representative academic experience for students and ensure that students receive updates on how their feedback is being acted upon.



All winners will be announced in June.