Sport Health and Safety

Health & Safety

All sports clubs and activities have risks, some more than others. Keele AU and the SU takes seriously its responsibility in ensuring safe participation of members in ALL sports and activities. Equally, every member must also be responsible for their own actions and to others who may be under their care or guidance. Club Officers should always be the first port of call for any questions or doubts a member may have on safety.

Club constitution and good practice

All clubs must have a constitution and a code of conduct, produced with guidance from the relevant National Governing Body. A copy of these should be found on the clubs webpage.


In its commitment to safer sport, all Clubs (where possible) should affiliate to their respective National Governing Body. Being affiliated to the NGB in some cases may provide third party insurance cover.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a formal way of evaluating possible dangers within a particular sport or activity. Some sports may have many. Each Club should reassess its risks at the beginning of each academic year or after a serious incident/near miss or if legislation has changed during the academic year and should compiles a new risk assessment form.


Once you have purchased AU Membership, you automatically receive personal accident insurance cover. This means that whilst you are involved in Sports Club event activities, including travel to and from it, you have a certain level of personal insurance cover. For further info contact the SU Sports Administrators.

First Aid Cover

All Sports Facilities in which the Sports Clubs train will always have access to First Aid Qualified members of staff should there be any accidents. For all BUCS matches first aid will be provided or organised.

First Aid Kits

First Aid kits are available to borrow from the SU Sport Administrators. A deposit of £20 is required required to borrow these First Aid Kits. Should you use anything from the First Aid Kits it will be the Clubs responsibility to restock the kit before it is returned to the Keele AU Office. Ice packs are also available from the Keele AU Office for those Clubs that wish to take an Ice Pack on Trips or for BUCS or League matches.
First Aid training is available through the SU and dates/sign up information will be communicated via exec emails.

Accidents and incident reporting

You can rest assured that any accident or incident, no matter how small, will be taken very seriously and fully investigated. Notification of any accident is required with 24hours of the event. This is to ensure that appropriate action is taken ASAP to ensure future safety. By reporting accidents we can all take a responsible attitude towards safety and hopefully reduce the chance of incidents occurring in the future. Do not be afraid to report something if you think it to be unsafe and never participate in a sport or activity if you have any doubts. Please contact the Sports Officer if you are unsure.

Please ensure you report any accident/incidents to the Sports Administrators.