Committee Meetings

Here you can find tips on how to hold effective committee meetings!

If you’re confused or have any further questions, drop the SU an email.

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As a committee, you'll want to hold regular meetings to catch up and delegate tasks for upcoming events and activities.

There's no set regularity of how often you should meet but we'd recommend getting all together in person around every 2 weeks or so.

The President chairs meetings and it's typically the Secretary's responsibility to take notes during the meeting but you should always have a backup in case they can't make it.


What sort of things should we cover at a committee meeting?

You can download a template agenda for meetings here. You don't have to hold it as formally as it's laid out in the document but it helps to keep a record of where you're at each meeting so you can proactively identify problems and generally keep on top of things.

Once you have your notes from the last meeting written up you should upload them to your Club/Society web page using the Resources function on the admin page. This means your members can stay up to date with what the committee is up to, it's easier for Volunteering to clarify your hours as a committee member and next year's committee can access them easily!

Do we need to vote on things at committee meetings?

Generally no, if you're coming to the overall consensus you don't need to vote. You can vote on things that are contentious or significantly affect the members of your group. 


How do we handle a disagreement within committee?

As individuals, you're likely to have different ideas about how things should be run so use this to your advantage! Work with each other to come to a compromise. Sometimes personalities clash and you can end up having tense conversations but it's good to have diverse opinions so as not to get stuck in a routine. Think about how you're communicating, if one approach isn't working, try another.

If a conflict of ideas or personalities is disrupting the productivity of your committee meetings do get in touch with KeeleSU as we can give you advice on how to handle these situations or in more formal situations offer external mediation.

Click the image below to download the Conflict & Crisis presentation from the annual Activities & Sports Conference and contact for more information.