Committee Conference


This event has now passed- we will be putting all of the presentation slides from the event into the Committee Training area.Remember though- if you missed Conference this year you will have to attend 4 Advisory sessions if you want your position recorded on your HEAR. You can email su.activities for more information on these


Our annual Committee Conference is the best opportunity for all committee members to network, learn new skills and find out how to effectively run your club, society or student group.

There is a mandatory requirement for a minimum of 2 society committee members to attend.

 Click below for quick links to conference information, or, if you still have questions, get in touch with us via

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Committee Conference is a one day event with different training sessions aimed to help you get the most out of your committee position. It all happens in the KeeleSU building and we really encourage you to attend this event to put yourself in the best position for an amazing 2019/20 

Top Tip: Attending Committee Conference counts as training to get your committee role accredited on your HEAR. If you cannot attend Conference there will be a series of mini training sessions for you to attend throughout the year. You must attend atleast 4 of these to count towards your HEAR.




This year's timetable will be stuffed full of sessions that will give you everything you need to be an amazing committee member for your group this year.  Obviously, there are three sessions running at the same time, but this year we have streamed our sessions to match with specific committee roles, so sign-up to the sessions that best suit you!

Top Tip: Why not split your committee up and cover every conference session? All of you attending the same sessions will mean you potentially sitting through stuff that might not feel relevant, and the team as a whole missing out on important ideas and information.

Timetable - 2019 Conference timetable to follow

Breakdown of sessions:
Club and Society Finance
Learn about how to manage your Sage finances,how to complete expenditure forms and what you can and cannot claim expenses for- a really useful presentation from the SU Finance team
Mediation Training
Join your Welfare Officer for a presentation on mediation- should your club or society fall out this is a great session to learn how to calm situations down and more forward- highly recommended!
Volunteering and Higher Horizons
Did you know that committee members are volunteers? Come and join KeeleSU Volunteering to find out what counts as volunteering, how to log your hours on our website, and how to achieve HEAR recordable volunteering awards! You can also find out what other volunteering opportunities there are at Keele
Higher Horizons+ is a government funded outreach programme that aims to widen access in Higher Education. The collaborative network takes direct action through Summer Schools, campus visits and 100s of in school programmes every year, targeting the most economically disadvantaged young people from across Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire. Find out from Ant, Head of the Programme, what it's all about, and how you can get involved.

Understanding the AU and BUCS

Everything-ish you will need to know about the AU and BUCS; from day to day admin for fixtures and competitions, to how the AU can support you and make your job as a committee member that little bit easier. 

Risk Assessment training- mandatory session
Everyone will convene in the Ballroom for mandatory training on Risk assessment from the University Health and Safety team. This session is a must as all societies will be asked for their risk assements when they run events.This short presentation by a member of the Keele University Occupational health and Safety Department goes into why risk assessment is necessary and the process behind its completion.
Engaging with the Union
Meet the Student Voice team who will guide you through everything they do to support students, encourage democracy and hear about their Student Voice Reps initiative.
Society Functions
Want to run an event but not sure what you can use, who to talk to or where to go? Chris from the Activities department is going to run through everything the Activities team can help you with. If you come to this presentation be sure to attend the follow on session "Making it Happen" in the Ballroom straight afterwards.
Active Bystanders
Find out more about our #NeverOK campaign and how you can be an active bystander and challenge all forms of unacceptable and discriminatory behaviour. This workshop 'Bringing in the Bystander'  has a robust evidence-base. Rather than focusing strictly on the roles of perpetrator and victim, the highly interactive 'Bringing The Bystander' programme uses a community responsibility approach. It teaches bystanders how to safely intervene in instances where any form of violence or discrimination may be occurring or where there may be risk that it will occur. 
Making your event happen
Mark from the Entertainments team will show you how to run successful events here at the SU- there will be lots to take in so please be ready to take notes.
Mental Health and Autism Awareness
Steph  and Mitch from the Spectrum Society have been instrumental in helping students understand mental health issues here at Keele- this is a brilliant presentation that will  give you life long skills into understanding additional learning needs
Tom from the Activities team will be guiding you through the elections process, answering any questions you might have to make sure your committee are fairly voted in by your members.
Our sponsor for Conference is Outgoing- a brilliant company who offer trips abroad. From surf camps to short breaks Zara will explain how your society can get away safely
GDPR/Data Protection- mandatory
This is another mandatory session for all students in the Ballroom. It will discuss the new changes to data protection law, how to store student data and when or when not to share information.


FAQs/Top Tips

  • Does this training count for my HEAR accreditation?

Yes! Attending Committee Conference counts as training to get your committee role accredited on your HEAR, but you will need to attend at least every session. To get your role accredited, you also need to have held that position for more than 3 months. Remember, if you cannnot attend Conference we will be holding a series of mini training sessions throughout the year- you must attend 4 of these to count towards your HEAR. Ask in the Activities department about any upcoming Advisory Sessions.

  • Is there food provided at Committee Conference?

Oh yes!Food will be provided. We know some people have certain dietary requirements, so we'll make sure there are vegetarian, vegan and non-dairy options available. You may want to bring a bottle of water or soft drink to last you throughout the day, or nip to the SU shop during breaks.

  • Does my time at conference count as volunteering hours?

Yes! You can claim the time spent in sessions as volunteering hours (sorry, eating lunch won't count). You can find more detail on exactly what counts for the rest of the year here.

  • What will I need to bring?

You'll need something to take notes on so bring pens and pads, or you can go high tech and use a phone or tablet/laptop. You'll also need your Keele Card to swipe into sessions and a healthy dollop of enthusiasm and excitement.

  • I've not been to this before and I'm new to the committee, will I be able to stick with my team?

Committee Conference is a big event and for a lot of people, it will be their first time on a committee. However, we suggest you split your committee up and cover sessions that are relevant to different roles. All of you attending the same sessions will mean you potentially sitting through stuff that might not feel relevant, and the team as a whole missing out on important ideas and information. There's introduction talks and  lunch  to make sure that you can check in with the rest of your committee team.



Any questions or queries? Just email