24th & 25th September 2018

Doors open for set up at 9:30am

Event starts at 10am till 4pm

Society Sign Up is the opportunity to meet, join and find out more about the range of societies available at KeeleSU. There are over 150 Societies to check out, all of our Societies can be found here!  

The event is always extremely busy so we recommend committees take their time to look through all of the information in this section (including our top tips!)

For those students with additional learning needs, we also have a quiet room available in the ASK office on the ground floor of the SU- here you can browse our list of societies and purchase membership at the nearby reception.

We also have the KeeleSU App available for membership purchases and don't forget- if you miss this event you can also sign up to a society throughout the year.

 If you have any questions about Society Sign Up please email the Activities team | su.activities@keele.ac.uk

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Information | Floor Plan | Stalls List | Tips for Committees


Floor Plan

Below is an image of the floor plan for Society Sign Up, with stalls numbered and marked as blue squares. The black squares are pillars. If you are using a screen-reader, unfortunately, we only have this available as an image. Please email su.activities@keele.ac.uk if you have any questions and remember that this is a very busy event!

Society Sign Up Ballroom Floor Plan


29. Boxing
32. Film
35. eSport
36. KURA
37. Craft
38. Quidditch &  SSAGO
39. Masonic
44. KPOP
46. Ghana
48. KUMU
51. KRAP
52. KUBE
53. Drama
54. Dance
57. Marrow
58. Keele Votes




Top Tips

Is this your first time with a slot at Society Sign Up? Don't worry - we can help out with some tips to make your stall stand out and help you attract some new members to your group with our top tips...

10.Send us your spotify playlists! For the benefit of everyone at the event we are playing society music through the main P.A speaker system- this stops everyone battling for their music to be heard. So this year we are asking societies to send us their spotify playlists which our DJs will play as part of the entertainment. If you have specific cultural tracks that might not be on Spotify you can pop these on a USB for us to include. You can submit your playlists to su.activities@keele.ac.uk

9.Power Up! Power for this event will be very limited so we recommend you powering any laptops or ipads you may need in advance. If you have an external battery bring that too.

8. #GetAppy. Promote the KeeleSU APP- this will help you get memberships quicker, especially if students know they want to join your society in advance. Look out for the #GetAppy posters around the venue on the day.

7.Be Comfy. It's super hot in the Ballroom so bring comfortable clothes and bottles of water. Try dividing the time spent at the stall between committee members rather than letting one person do it all, this keeps enthusiasm high and everyone gets to feel part of the event.

6.Seek out our the Activities Team. You might be a new society or a committee member Chris & Tom from the Activities Team haven't met yet- take a quick moment to introduce yourself- we may be busy on the day but we're always keen to meet you and can arrange further meetings together. We're a friendly team and we'll always make time to meet with you.

5.Freebies! Each society gets half a table at the event - which might not sound like much, but it's enough space to display a little something to those students who you want to get involved with what you do. Bring along anything you can that will give a flavour of your society; leaflets are good, but what about something to cover that bare table? Do you have any lollies to sweeten people over to you? (Keep your receipts and claim back cash!) A laptop or tablet will help show off and photos, videos or plans you've made, plus people can sign-up online with you, as well as paying at the tills in Blueprint.

4. Be enthusiastic. This is a big, busy event and with it potentially being your first as a society, it's easy to feel a little swallowed up in all the excitement of the day. You might see other groups around you with queues of people waiting to join their society - but the chances are they've been established for years and may not be a niche as your interest. Be positive and feel confident in approaching people passing your stall - they're probably just as nervous to talk to the committee of the society they like. Also- does your society use an anacronym? Try to avoid this when talking to potential members- be clear what your society name is, what you do and they'll be much more interested in joining up!

3. Use the "I'm Interested" tick box. Had a few people that seemed interested, but didn't commit to signing up via the app or taking a barcode to pay at the till? Well, if you have a mobile device or laptop with you, get them to log into keelesu.com and tick the "I'm Interested" box that is on your society web page. This doesn't mean they're a member, but their details go into a mailing list that you can access via your committee admin access. No more bits of paper with people having to write down their details for you to type up!

2. Organise a Give It A Go session. Turning up to boss Society Sign Up and getting loads of members is great, but if you then have nothing planned to then get them involved in - they may be a little disappointed! Organise a GIAG session in advance and upload the event online so that even students who didn't attend Society Sign Up may tag along, too. Did they enjoy the session? Get them to sign up by downloading the free KeeleSU App!

1. Update your Webpage! There's no point selling yourselves excellently and looking great when students meet you in person if they then go online to buy their membership to see your page is empty, has outdated info or just looks a bit rubbish! Remember that students won't just come to this one event, but will be online looking at different groups to join - make sure your web page looks its best and your membership fees are correct!