Society Stripes

Society Stripes


Every year our societies do incredible work and want to show how much they mean to us and the Students Union. Therefore we are introducing Society stripes. Society Stripes is a new initiative for societies to get involved with. We want to reward and recognise our societies and all the fantastic work they do for the Student Union and their members.


There are 7 Categories in which societies can work towards achieving a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. In each category there are criteria, each criterion has a Bronze, Silver and Gold level. To achieve a Bronze award the society must achieve all the bronze award for each criterion, this is the same for silver and Gold awards.


Should a Society achieve all of the Bronze, awards for all 7 categories they will be awarded a Bronze stripe for the society, this is the same for the Silver and Gold award. For each Stripe achieved the society will be given a different reward.  


Think your society has achieved a stripe? Let us know. Complete the form below, please include how you feel you have achieved the stripe, photos, videos, screenshots and information from society or committee members will give your stripe application a better chance of being awarded. 



The 7 categories are;