Society Stripes- Committee


Key Criteria

% of the Committee to attend the Committee conference or attend 4 or more Advisory sessions- Training is so important for running a successful society and creating a well-organised committee. Therefore, this stipe encourages all committee members to be trained, both in their specific position and on how to run a society overall. 

% of Committee Registered as Volunteers- All committee members are volunteering their time and effort for the benefits of other students, and we want to reward this effort made by our committee members. Therefore, to gain this stripe, simply have your committee members register as volunteers through the SU. 

Committee Development Meetings- Effective and regular planning will help the whole society improve and develop. Through improved communication between the committee members society events, projects and initiative are improved and socieities develop over the year. Therefore, to gain this stripe your committee must have at least 3 meetings with the purpose of planning and developing their society.