Society Stripes-Community


Society Stripes- Community 


Key Criteria

Engagement with the Local Community- For this stripe, you should run or involved with an event, project or campaign in the local community or work with local community groups. This must be run for the local community (not including Keele Students) but the event can be run on campus.   

Working with another club or society on a project or event (Can be on 1 event with multiple partnerships). The society must work in collaboration with another society or student group on the planning, organising and running of an event on or off-campus. The society can work with one or with multiple students groups on an event. 

Running an event/ campaign to engage Keele students-. We want all of our students to engage with the SU and our societies, what is the best way for this to happen? For our societies to run events that are open for all students to take part in. This event must include other students without membership to the society hosting the event and must include a form of engagement in the SU. 



Society Name 

Stripe Category? (Community, RAG, Democracy, Give it a Go, Committee, Society Specific or event) 

Specific stripe  

Please give detail on how you achieved the stripe (Please include photos, videos, screenshots, posters etc)