Society Stripes-Give it a Go



Key Criteria 

  • The number of GIAG Events Uploaded to  Want to showcase your society? Then run free Give it a Go event. This stripe looks at the number of free events your society runs over the year, Give it a Go event are a great way to showcase your society and allows all other students to participate in your society without the pressure of signing up. 

  • Working on an SU led event - Throughout the year KeeleSU runs a range of interactive and fun events, however, we want to work with our socieities on delivering our events. Over the year we run events from Zombie runs to cultural events, however, our students make these events better and more inclusive for all our students at Keele. For this stripe, we would like your society to be involved in some of our Keele SU events. 

  • Attending other socieities Give it a Go session- Want to know more about what our socieities offer at Keele? want to get involved in other activities and socieities? This stripe looks at increase the collaboration between our socieities events and knowledge of the socieities we have at Keele.