Society Stripes-RAG


Key Criteria

The number of Fundraising Events Held  (Must be different e.g., not 3 bake sales)-  Creative ideas of events, want to raise money for charity, this stripe is for you. This stripe looks at the events societies run over the year. To achieve this stripe the society must run events that raise money for charity, but the events run cannot be the same (e.g. 3 bake sales). Therefore socieities need to be creative and inventive in the events they run.
Total Amount of Money Raised in the Academic Year- This stripe is about the hard cash raised for charities. We have made the stripes achievable for all socieities. Think outside of the box on events, think about the out cost and profit of an event. If you raise over £1000 in one event, congratulations, you achieve gold for this criteria. 
Volunteering hours through the committee (Registering at least 1 hour)- RAG is more than just raising money, giving up your hours to plan, organise and run the event is massively important. Our give up so much of their time running events, including RAG events, we want to say a massive thank you and celebrate all the hard work our students do. For this stripe, the committee will need to register at least 1 hour of volunteering. For information on how to register please contact 


Society Name 

Stripe Category? (Community, RAG, Democracy, Give it a Go, Committee, Society Specific or event) 

Specific stripe  

Please give detail on how you achieved the stripe (Please include photos, videos, screenshots, posters etc)