Society Stripes- Events


Key Criteria 

Must run society only event/ meeting-Isn't it nice just to have a catch-up or an event with your society?  One of the key parts of being in the society are the events, these can be as large or small as the society wishes. For this stripe, all society needs to do is run events for society members only. 

Must run collaboration with other clubs/ societies- Keele Culture, this is a term which we feel means working together and making Keele as amazing as we know it can be. One way of working together is on events, a lot of our socieities already do an incredible job of cross society events, so we want to reward and recognise this. To achieve this stripe, the society will need to work on the planning, organising and delivery of an event. 

Must run non-alcoholic events- Not all students drink or enjoy the drinking culture. There are so many non-alcoholic events ideas that student groups can take part in that we encourage all socieities to run as different events types for their members. Therefore for this stipe, the society will need to run non-alcoholic events for its members.  

Have a guest speaker or the equivalent (E.g. speaker, DJ, Coach, Company)-